Below are some of the CNC controllers I have built.  If you would like a custom built controller, I would be happy to quote one for you.  Email me!

This is the current controller that I'm using to run my X3 mill
It is built with Gecko 320 servo drives, Bob Campbell BOB,
45Volt Toroid Power transformer.   The Digital voltmeter, and axis ammeters
are just bells and whistles, but are handy from time to time.
The servos connect to the back via 3 pin XLR connectors and encoders connect
via din connectors.  This was the first CNC controller I built, so far so good, never a single problem 3 years later!
  The inside 
Here is another controller I built for work, this powers a CNC thermal insertion press, very similar to a router.   This is build of the Gecko 203 Servo Drives and smooth stepper controller.  This box has a mini PC, hard drive and support equipment all built-in.
It also has a built in temperature controller for the heat insertion probe.
Here is the inside of the box.   You will notice the G100, this has since been replaced with a USB smooth stepper controller.  I have run into too many issues with the G100 and very little support.  Oh, yes, that is also a 5 port network switch inside as well.
The back side of the above controller
Here is a simple 3 Axis Router controller built on gecko stepper drives