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Automatic Lubrication System Details

System lubrication for a CNC machine is very important.  I have learn this from my X3 which does not have a lubrication system.  I need to "remember" to oil it from time to time.  It doesn't take long to dry it out when running it a lot.    With this mill I will use the Bijur automatic oiler as seen in the picture below.

I will run two oil lines to each axis and one to each ball nut.  I will make a manifold the will allow me to connect all the lines to Trico flow meters 3/0.  This should provide equal amounts of lubrication to each point.   The oiler will be controlled by a circuit that will operate after a predefined amount of run hours and also a switch on the control panel that will allow me to manually start an oil cycle.   This oiler also has a low oil output switch that I will hook up to an indicator on the control panel as well.  It should be a pretty sweet system when complete.

Here is the back of the Z Column with
a Bijur Automatic Oiler installed.  I picked
this up from Ebay. 
This is the 1/8 tubing and pres-lok connectors that I will be using.
This is the saddle showing the oil connectors for the X Axis, I had to cross drill the saddle in order to make this work.   You can see the brass plug from the cross drill,  there is another  one the opposite side.  These holes intersect 1/8" holes drill vertically down through the ways.  I plan on milling oil grooves to finish it off
Another shot of the X axis oil connectors.
Here is the table with the X & Y oil fittings installed.
This is the X axis screw assembly with oil fitting installed
Oil lines almost all installed
Here is the 9 port manifold that I made with flow meters and push lock connectors installed.
Even the little mount brackets were CNC machined!