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Servo Motor Details


The Z servo motor is a Motor Power Company Penta 5M 60 Volt, 3000 RPM 860 in/oz peak torque.  I acquired three of these motors from EBay.  I need to install an encoder on it. 
I will be driving the servos with gecko 320 drives
I have on order (3) US Digital E2 500 Count encoders,  I will need to turn the shaft down to .375 for the encoder.  I hope to make some nice alum covers for the encoders as well.

Because I will have no counter weight to offset the weight of the head I'm going to be installing a brake on this servo as well
Here is the Z servo with brake, brake cover & encoder cover
This is a 24volt brake that is active when no power is applied
The X and Y servo motor are Reliance Electro Craft 643's.  I also found these on eBay.  I will need to mount encoders on these motors as well
The stepped down back of the motor is a built in tachometer.  I have no need for the tach, I will remove the tachometer and mount an encoder in its place.  I plan to make a new aluminum cover for the encoder and mount the connectors to the cover as well.
Here is one of the encoder/connector covers that I made for the X&Y servo motors
CB style mic connectors will be used for connections to the servo motors.  I machined off the center flange so the connector can be inserted from the back, it will require two nuts to hold them in since the flange is gone.
Here the connectors are being installed
Fully assembled servo motor with connectors.