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Y Axis Conversion Notes


The above picture is my attempt to use my CNC X3 with a 3/4 inch 4" long end mill to mill the back side of the RF45 base flat in order to mount the Y motor to the back of the mill.  Most of the conversions that I have seen mount the Y motor to the front.  To me, that will always be in the way when setting up work on the table.   I want the conversion to be as compact as possible. 
This process of cutting the back flat  was a big SLOW job on the little X3.  So I gave up and brought the base into work where the guys cut it flat on a large Monarch VMC.
This picture shows the back side of the base after it was machined flat 103_0053.JPG
Here is the Y Axis bearing plate, also made from 1" aluminum plate.
These bearing plates hold two angular contact bearings and are retained by the round plate plate with the 6  5mm socket head cap screws.
Y Motor mount being machined 103_0065.JPG
Here is the back side of the casting where the Y bearing plate mounts.  After machining the back the lower 1/2 inch is only .150 thick, but then it steps up to about 1/2" thick cast iron.  Plenty of beef, especially  with the large surface area bearing plate.   It's rock solid! 104_4350.JPG
Here is the front end of the Y screw to give you an idea to where it is in relation to the original screw hole. 104_4353.JPG
Y Axis Pre-Assembly 103_0064.JPG
This shows the ball nut mount fastened to the cross slide (Y). 
I milled a nice 2.5 X 2.5 pocket for the mount to sit in.  I didn't really need to do this, but this allows me to use a larger foot print for the ball nut mount.  Just trying to make it as rigid as I can.  The machined surface from the original screw nut was a little narrow