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Z Axis Conversion Notes


Here the Z ball screw mounted to the original Z Nut Mount.  The adaptor plate is 1" thick 6061 aluminum.  This ball screw along with the ones for X & Y  were acquired from Ebay.  They are 3/4" 5TPI Ground, with double circuit ball nuts.   They were a nice find! rf45006.jpg
The Z axis mounts are fabricated from 1" 6061 plate and all cut on my CNC X3.  Here is the Z almost completed, just waiting for the motor pulley.   I'm using 4:1 pulley ratio with a servo motor with a 860 in/oz capability.    103_0046.JPG
Z Axis Slide with new bushing, this allows the slide to be tight against the Ball Nut Mount on the back side. 104_4346.JPG
Here is the Z Axis showing the Ball screw 103_0047.JPG
Z Axis Slide freshly painted with Oil Fitting Holes drilled and tapped

Z Axis Slide with Oil channels milled, It's nice to have another CNC mill for working on this one!

The small hole that is offset to the center of the plate is to allow the z   ballnut oil line to pass through