This is a Wireless Ethernet  based machine monitor

This board is the heart of a machine monitoring system that I built for work and allows for the connection of up to 16 plastic injection molding machines.  The purpose  of the system is to monitor the cycle time data from the machines in real time.   The board uses  a rabbit microcontroller that wirelessly sends packets onto our network.    The other portion of the system is some VB.net  programs and SQL scripts that I have developed to intercept the data and graphically display it on a 52" LCD monitor out on our production floor via a web page.  The software also ties the data into our Syteline ERP Data collection system


This board was created on DIP trace PCB software, the negative image was printed on a laser printer and then heat transferred on to the copper board.  Once the board was etched the result is the picture to the right!

I used my CNC X-3 mill to then drill the holes for the components

Then the board was etched in Ferrochloric acid
Here is the completed board with Rabbit microprocessors and Opto Isolators, this is a hardwired version of the board above it.
Here is a hardwired version  and is currently in use!